As we all know the customer needs and desires keeps changing and hence our team comes up with innovative and interesting ideas.

Along with that the attractive promotional offers that we provide to our customers are the best in the industry and makes them to stay with us and purchase more.

Points on each purchase and upon achieving stipulated points; the customers could redeem their points on their next purchase.

Top Promotional Offers to Promote Online Shopping


E-commerce has been the hot topic and the in-trend activity that attracts and obsesses more and more shoppers into this thriving trend. The number of shoppers taking up the online path has increased rapidly in the past few years. When customers keep growing at one hand, the need to satiate these customers have given rise to many new market players offering their services to such online shoppers through online shopping portals, online payment transfer services, product delivery services, etc., This has led to the overall development of the entire industry.


With more and more of sellers and service providers budding up in the online arena, the competition amongst them has also grown incredibly and this competitive market has place only for the most fittest. So in order to survive and succeed in this competitive market, online companies has taken to hand a number of promotional offers and other packages that attract and keep the online shoppers roped to their portals. While pondering about the various types of offers that these online shopping provide, most of it fall under these categories:




Most of the portals come out with discounted products to attract customers. Any person for that case would definitely fall for discounts and to be more particular, Indian shoppers always make sure that they get the proper worth for their money and see to that they do not get cheated. For them discounts means saving on a particular product. Some portals go in for discount in the form of a certain percentage per sale while a few go in for discounts as fixed amounts.


Flash Sale:


Flash sales are limited period offers that creates a sense of emergency for the customer to make use of the offers within that stipulated period. These types of sales are often used as stock clearance sales. These flash sales are often successful more than the ordinary sale since they are highly promoted through email and social media.


Discounts on Huge purchases:


Most of the online sites offer discounts on minimum purchase that amounts to a reasonable amount. This leads customers to purchase for the stipulated amount so that the discounts can be utilized. This acts as an inducing factor for the customers to purchase more so that they can benefit more. Hence this acts as a mutually beneficial factor as a whole.


Free Shipping & Free Return Policies:


Shipping is one factor that costs a certain amount of money in the online shopping trend. These charges depend upon the number of items purchased and the area to which it has to be shipped. Some sites provide free shipping, which proves to be a major driving factor towards their site. While some take the extra stride and provide free return policies as well. This enables the customer to return the product is they find it to be defective. This gives the customer a confidence to go ahead with his purchases without any hesitation.




Who would not love to be gifted? Irrespective of their age and interests, people get boosted and feel lucky when gifted with something free along with their product. So this has been the age-old practice of luring customers to purchase. But the ultimate challenge lies in coming up with appropriate freebies. For e.g., for a customer who has purchased a walking stick, it would be irrelevant if you offer them with a bat. So gifting sensibly is the key factor.


Shopping Coupons:


This is one of the most attractive and appealing offers of all. Shoppers are given free shopping coupons upon purchase of their products and these 7coupons can be made use of during the next purchase. This actually cultivates a continuous shopping habit and a bondage between the customer and the seller. Also this acts as a cross-promotion activity.


Loyalty Membership and Points:


Most of the sites come up with a loyalty scheme under which customers get points on each purchase and upon achieving stipulated points; the customers could redeem their points on their next purchase. Not only points but also this gives a special feeling and priority. Also these members would be given priority and special invites to exclusive sales.All these promotional activities actually inspire and boost customers to buy more in order to utilize the benefits of all these offers.


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